Blanchard – Familiar (live album recording)

album art for Blanchard - Familiar

I recorded, mixed and mastered this live session album by Blanchard in January 2018. The band hired a beautiful venue for the main tracking of the EP.

Blanchard recording the bare bones for their EP “Familiar”

Eyre chapel is a 13th century building tucked behind a pub in Chesterfield. It worked really well as a temporary recording studio.

I set up an Allen and Heath QU16 as a recording interface for the session and recorded the raw files onto an external hard drive.

Mixing and overdubs were completed over the next few weeks.

You can listen to the finished product below:

Secondary to the audio recording, we set up some cameras to show the recording process. With an edit, it made for a pretty good live music video.

The band didn’t want to go crazy with overdubs. The main thing was to add vocals which were missed in the original session. Overdubbed guitar we did do was recorded though a Marshall combo cab. This makes a great contrast to the home made cab and Carlsbro head on the original guitar. No, Blachard are not sponsored by Carlsbro!

Mashall combo amp with stereo mics
Mashall combo amp with stereo mics

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